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The City of La Spezia is the ideational and production headquarters of the world’s leading brands in the yacht and superyacht construction and of Research and Training Centers of excellence. To consolidate and spread this vocation more and more, the Blue Mile was born, with the aim of creating a district of the nautical industry capable of being increasingly competitive at the international level by putting into system all the actors of the Blue Economy. La Spezia will host the first edition of the Blue Design Summit and this highlights the City’s commitment to promoting innovation, training and research, with the
key players from across the supply chain who will have the opportunity to discuss and bring forward new development ideas.

Port System Authorities are non-economic public bodies of national importance with a special system.
They were established in 2016, by Legislative Decree No. 169 of August 24, to strengthen the organization and activities of civilian seaports of economic, national or international importance, amending Law No. 84 of 1994, which had introduced the reorganization of ports and established Port Authorities in Italy.

AdSPMLOr’s responsibilities extend to the ports of La Spezia and Marina di Carrara, both of which face the Ligurian Sea but fall under two different regions, Liguria and Tuscany, respectively. AdSPMLOr’s headquarters is in La Spezia, with the territorial port office in Marina di Carrara.
The two ports, which provide employment for thousands of people, are strategic commercial hubs for a large territory and home to important tourism, cruise and yachting, industrial activities, with world-class shipbuilding facilities, and sea economy, mussel farming and fishing.

Liguria International is the company of Regione Liguria, participated by Filse Group and the Ligurian Chambers of Commerce system, dedicated to the implementation and coordination of regional policies on internationalisation. It supports the Ligurian economic system in its export processes, promoting cooperation between Ligurian small and medium-sized enterprises with institutional bodies and foreign companies.

The Chamber of Commerce “Riviere di Liguria” is a public body representing around one hundred thousand enterprises located in the provinces of Imperia, La Spezia and Savona. Its mission is the development of the local economy through  different functions and tasks, which can be summarised in two macro areas: administrative and promotional. Support for the blue economy is among the main assets when it comes to promotion.

CNA LA SPEZIA is the association that represents and protects the interests of craftsmen, entrepreneurs and Small and Medium Enterprises in the province of La Spezia. It is an intermediate body capable of influencing policies for enterprises and economic development throughout the territory. In our territory, CNA is a structured and widespread organisation capable of providing customised advice and integrated services to businesses and citizens in various sectors: environment and safety, quality, access to credit, training, taxation, administration, promotion, welfare and social benefits, etc.

Confindustria La Spezia represents a significant part of the small, medium and large-sized companies that make up the economic and social fabric of the province of La Spezia.

It is a member of ‘Confindustria’, Italy’s most important entrepreneurial organisation, and, at territorial level, is committed to the promotion of business culture, plays an effective representative role for its associates and participates in political, administrative and economic choices made by local public and private institutions.

It also offers a wide range of services that provide operational support to companies in solving the many management problems arising from a legislative and regulatory context that is constantly and rapidly changing.

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The International Propeller Club – Port of La Spezia & Marina di Carrara was founded in 1990 with Club godfather Port of Genoa and first President Luigi Cuttica. It has about sixty members representing professions and business activities in the maritime, port and logistics world. It organizes convivial events followed by conferences generally pertaining to the world of maritime economy, international trade and logistics. The club supports initiatives to enhance La Spezia’s port history and disseminate boating
recreational boating.

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DNV is the world’s leading classification society and a recognized advisor for the maritime industry. The company enhances safety, quality, energy efficiency and environmental performance of the global shipping industry – across all vessel types and offshore structures. DNV invests heavily in research and development to find solutions, together with the industry, that address strategic, operational or regulatory challenges.

Leveraging its expertise in the yachting sector, RINA aims to be the best partner in the construction and management of custom superyachts. With the new service profile RINA MAXIMA, dedicated to motor or sailing yachts (40-180m long), RINA assists owners, designers, and operators in meeting regulations and advancing technology. We have set up a dedicated and qualified network of experts, a cutting-edge suite of services and a portfolio of digital tools to ensure clients stay ahead of the market.

For over 60 years, Sanlorenzo has been a worldwide-recognized Made in Italy icon, producing custom-built, top-of-the-line motoryachts that blend quality, design and craftmanship with the most advanced and sustainable engineering and technological solutionsThe shipyard, the world’s first mono-brand in the production of yachts and superyachts over 24m, was founded in 1958 in Limite sull’Arno, near Florence, by two shipwrights, Gianfranco Cecchi and Giuliano Pecchia. In 1972 it was taken over by Giovanni Jannetti, who moved its headquarters to Ameglia (SP) in 1999. In 2005, Massimo Perotti – with twenty years of experience in the sector – picked up the baton by purchasing the company. Under his guidance, Sanlorenzo registered an extraordinary growth: the net revenues from new yachts increase from €40 million in 2004 to €840 million in 2023. In 2019 the company was listed on the Euronext STAR segment of the Italian Stock Exchange. Today, the production of the Business Yacht Unit (in composite from 24 to 40m) and the Business Unit Superyacht (metal from 44 to 73m) is distributed across 4 shipyards: La Spezia, Ameglia, Viareggio, Massa.

Using our unique Boutique Firm approach, every project is handled with the dynamism of a young and well-prepared team combined with the experience of our founding partners, Guglielmo Camera e Cecilia Vernetti. Our result-oriented business strategy and strategic locations – Genoa, London, Porto Cervo – allow us to deliver precise, concrete and global solutions with a wide network of international correspondents.

We are fully committed to delivering first class client satisfaction every single day. Client satisfaction drives our decision making. We know how to meet a challenge with simple, result-oriented and winning solutions. Our client relations are steadfastly founded on the principles of fairness and transparency. Our vast team expertise enhances the quality of our solutions in response to client challenges.

Operating on a global scale, we believe in the value of strong partnerships which deliver results.

NatPower H, part of NatPower Group, is the first global developer of innovative infrastructure in the green hydrogen and yachting industry. NatPower H is developing and will operate the world’s first global, large-scale network of hydrogen refueling stations for pleasure boating. The refueling station is designed by the architectural firm, Zaha Hadid Architects. The project, which involves an initial investment of 100 million euros, will support the boating world in the energy transition through the creation of an extensive and widespread network of hydrogen refueling stations in major ports and marinas around the world. To date, the project already has a pipeline of 30 marinas in Italy and the Mediterranean, with the goal of reaching at least 100 refueling stations by 2030.

PLH® stems from Enrico Corelli’s ambition, CEO di PLH, to transform the electrical control panel into a customizable luxury aesthetic element, previously overlooked in interior design. The process to imbue them with beauty and functionality was extensive and engaging, involving material experiments, precise engineering, and collaborations with top-tier suppliers. Attention to ergonomics and creativity to make the panels unique was paramount. PLH® panels don’t hide but aim to be seen as an integral part of interior design. The foundational values of the brand are quality excellence, formal beauty, durability, and customization. The PLH® collections include MakeUp, Skin, Slim, Keyboard, Neo, and Mono, each with unique aesthetic and functional characteristics. In 2017, wireless connected panels were introduced, still maintaining the option for manual control, in line with the company’s philosophy. In 2023, PLH® embraced a new revolutionary challenge, developing Belcanto, a mini sound system integrated into control panels. This device, developed in collaboration with Outline, offers a high-quality music experience and can be controlled via the switch or remotely, interfacing with voice assistants such as Alexa and Google Home. PLH® is an ideal partner for the naval sector, combining technical and aesthetic expertise. Its consultancy is invaluable in the selection of panels, such as the Slim, with only 4 mm thickness, and in the optimization of systems. Prestigious brands like Riva, Sanlorenzo, Custom Line, Baltic Yachts, and many others entrust PLH® with the equipment for their high-profile yachts.

Sea&Symphony is an Italian company specialised in the manufacturing of
automated motion systems for the Yachting and Luxury Cruise since 1995. Thanks to the quality of its products and the constant focus and commitment of its design engineers and technicians, we boast a multi-decade collaboration with some of the most renowned shipyards worldwide. Our motion systems are combined with the creativity of architects & designers to meet the most demanding customers expectations.

New Team is a Company specialized in the production and assembly of furnishings for luxury yachts, cruise ships, hotels, public premises and prestigious Villas and Apartments. Our mission is to provide our customers
with a complete turnkey service, by means of a complete ‘in house’ management of the entire production process: design, construction, painting, assembly and delivery of the complete furniture. The Headquarter, located in La Spezia area, has over 2,500 square metres of production space and state-of-
the-art 4.0-certified Machinery. The high quality standards that New Team can guarantee, are based on a Company Policy that focuses on the qualification of the personnel employed, through a constant search for the best craftsmen and carefully planned paths of growth and internal training. Led by CEO Mauro De Vita and a high-level Management Team, New Team today manages Orders all over the world and with its more than 140 direct employees is a solid and reliable partner, capable of accompanying the Customer throughout the entire process of furniture creation, combining the craftsmanship and excellence of Made in Italy with the efficiency and high automation of processes and guaranteeing excellent service and great professionalism.

The Tureddi brand was born from a family business and represents the permanent dedication of Andrea Tureddi and his son Alessandro to the construction of yachts. The competence and craftsmanship of Andrea and Alessandro Tureddi, supported by their experienced teams – the same teams who have been building hulls and superstructures for the largest shipyards for over three decades – together with a reliable and eco-sustainable supply chain, have allowed the company to embark on a path of growth and production diversification. Alessandro together with COO Alessio Marchi have transformed the company into an international group. The yard represents a unique fusion of British corporate governance and Italian craftsmanship. Based in the United Kingdom, our company adheres to the rigorous standards, legal frameworks and procedural rigor characteristic of British corporate entities. Despite being based in the UK, the soul of our yachts is typically Italian. We proudly produce our ships in Italy, taking advantage of the country’s historic nautical tradition construction and its reputation as a global yachting hub. Our yachts are handcrafted in the renowned shipbuilding areas of Viareggio and Pisa, where Italian flair for design and luxury is evident in every curve and contour. Combining the Italian passion for aesthetics and attention to detail with the British ethos of business excellence, we create yachts built to the highest standards of quality and performance. The “Made in Italy” label is a testament to the unrivaled craTsmanship and innovative spirit that characterizes each of our yachts, ensuring they resonate with the luxury and refinement customers expect from Italian-built vessels.

Mariotti, with a history that dates back nearly a century and thanks to its ability to anticipate standards, is a leader in the design and construction of ultra-luxury ships. Maintaining the solidity and tradition cultivated over time, T. Mariotti has evolved by embracing new opportunities such as the mega yacht segment and has recently expanded its activities by establishing a work group dedicated to particularly innovative projects for the Italian Navy, thus demonstrating its willingness to diversify its business. The recent signing of the contract for the construction of the ship Aman at Sea, a partnership between Aman Group and Cruise Saudi, not only confirmed T. Mariotti’s leadership in the ultra-luxury niche but also moved the bar towards true convergence between “luxury cruise and superyacht”. With a constant commitment and a vision oriented towards market opportunities, T. Mariotti continues to stand out in the international shipbuilding landscape.

FENIX® are the innovative interior design materials created by Arpa Industriale, an Italian company that has been designing and producing high-quality surfaces since 1954. Launched in 2013, FENIX materials are suitable for both vertical and horizontal applications. FENIX’s exterior surface, based on proprietary technologies, uses new-generation acrylic resins, hardened and fixed through an Electronic Beam Curing process. With low light reflection, FENIX’s surface is extremely opaque, anti-fingerprint and pleasantly soft to the touch. In 2018, a new FENIX factory following an Industry 4.0 approach was inaugurated within Arpa Industriale’s production site in Bra (CN). FENIX is distributed in more than 70 countries and has won numerous awards and recognitions, including: Honorable Mention Compasso d’Oro, ADI Design Index, Interzum Award “Best of the Best” and “High Product Quality,” Red Dot Product Design and Iconic Award “Best of Best.”

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Since 1921, Foglizzo‘s reputation has been founded on its design and craft of high quality leathers for the discerning clientele who require quality and individual customisation. Heir to the best Italian tradition spanning three generations, Foglizzo is driven by a culture of excellence with unparalleled artisanal skill, innovative technical expertise and singular insight into the needs of our clientele. From our beginnings as a supplier of high quality leather for antique car restorations, our work has expanded into the yachting, aviation, motor, boutique and residential interior design industries. Foglizzo’s mission is to develop customised, superior leather for those who appreciate its unique qualities and authenticity. To further our mission, we recently introduced Atelier Foglizzo, an artisanal workshop focused on developing creative expressions of leather by blending art, innovative technologies and traditional craftsmanship.
Our latest addition, Foglizzo Leather Goods (FLG), is a collection of fully customisable lifestyle goods made from our very best leathers, each a testament to the enduring principle that form follows function.

Only those who have developed a deep knowledge in the field of tableware porcelain, as told by the story of Antonio’s family, could bring to life the rebirth of one of the most famous Venetian porcelain manufactures, protagonist in the 18th century of a brief but glorious history. A story long locked in a drawer, which finally found the author, the right pen to write its next chapters. A story that spoke of precious objects, admirably decorated, furnishing complements for the most beautiful tables of the Serenissima and beyond, now translates into a project that aims to export to the world the culture of beauty and the art of the table, designed for a cosmopolitan audience, with refined taste, able to grasp the preciousness of fine bone porcelain in all its variations, from pure white to decorated. The world of luxury hospitality has been chosen as a privileged partner to revive the story of Geminiano Cozzi, without shying away from tailor-made projects for important international brands, as well as those for private clients.

Located near Florence, Italy, TAURINI-Italian excellence in the production of semi-precious stones for high-end interior design-was born from the 30-year experience as an engraver and mosaicist of Alessandro Taurini, a gemologist with 20 years’ experience in stone cutting. The production mainly revolves around SEMIPREcious natural stones (Lapis, Malachite, Agate, Quartz and Quartzite, as well as various semi-precious stones, Mother-of-Pearl and Shellight – an exclusive product composed of mother-of-pearl assemblage in thin thickness, of flexible shape), suitable for creating settings of particular suggestion for interiors of Yachts, Super Yachts, private jets, prestigious Villas, luxury hotels and exclusive environments in general.

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Since 2002, the Promostudi La Spezia Foundation has managed the La Spezia University Campus della Spezia, where 4 Bachelor’s and 3 Master’s degree courses of the University of Genoa are held.
Among the founders are the La Spezia Municipality, Fondazione Carispezia, and other local authorities and enterprises. The campus is an example of public-private collaboration and has established itself as a pole of attraction for Italian and foreign students, with over 60% of students being non-residents.
It registers 300 new enrolments annually and enrolments for the year 2023-2024 are around 1,150. Teaching activities are supported by company visits, conferences, workshops and international collaborations, including Erasmus projects. The campus is located in the former M. M. Falcomatà hospital, with modern classrooms and advanced laboratories for research and teaching.